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Re: console mode

Le 30.03.2013 15:33, Stephen Powell a écrit :
On Fri, 29 Mar 2013 09:50:56 -0400 (EDT), Lisi Reisz wrote:
On Friday 29 March 2013 13:15:13 Linux-Fan wrote:
Question: what are the default use assigned to the f1 through f7

i do understand that f7 is gui.

Sometimes also F8.

Gnome (and probably other desktop environments also) only uses F8 when
restarted, and then only due to a bug.  If you perform the "logout"

I would not say that this is a Gnome's problem, but a GDM's one. Well, maybe the wrong behavior is also a problem of gnome, but the important question is: who should run who?

Anyway, you can have multiple DEs loaded, if you [troll]stop using bloatwares like GDM and[/troll] starts using startx. And that's not limited to TT7 and TT8, IIRC. Personally, I can not think about usage for that, except maybe to fool your boss: one TTY with your work, and the other with random stuff :D
But would it be really useful? I have no idea.

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