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Re: Install debian from scratch and keep a home partition

On Thu, 25 Apr 2013 12:54:37 +0200, Dan <ganchya@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
Hi Dan,

> As I explained in a previous email I had an issue with the ATI driver
> [SNIP]

> I was going to do the following:
> - Backup home and the files from /etc passwd, group, shadow and gshadow
Always back-up your data; good practice.

> - Install wheezy (I think it is possible to wipe the partition during
> the installation)
The new Debian Wheezy installer will allow you to keep your partition
scheme and its content.

> - Remove the home directory
You can choose to keep its content during the installation process.
I did it during my laptop re-install'.  To avoid to copy data from
backup and to save time.
I do not have any ref to the doc' and currently no time to search for
but take a look at the doc', it can be helpful if you want to keep your
/home and the data on it as it is.

> - Mount the old home partition using fstab (using also blkid in order
> to use the UUID)
> - merge the old passwd, group, shadow and gshadow with the new files
> found in /etc
If you want to keep your users/groups def., it is better to make a
small script to extract them out of the old passwd and group files and
to re-create them resetting their passwords.

> Thanks,
> Daniel


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