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Re: Dist-upgrade or upgrade. Which?

> > I always use dist-upgrade but there's not a lot a choose. Upgrade
> > upgrades installed packages while dist-upgrade can make more
> > significant changes. Once Wheezy becomes stable the two should do
> > the same thing. However, I prefer to stay in the habit of using
> > dist-upgrade (or full-upgrade for aptitude).  
> The point is, you are *SAFER* using upgrade. Using dist-upgrade can
> remove half your sysytem before you can say OMG!
> I recommend that new users follow Jochen's advice.

This might only apply to Ubuntu but I am sure I have had packages such
as kernels with security related updates that needed dist-upgrade to

So perhaps safer isn't quite the right word.

I usually use dist-upgrade and I wonder if using upgrade will allow me
to install updates without pulling in jockey and so polkit for

Of course it is no fix but will allow me to stay secure and ignore the
problem for now until I do need a dist-upgrade or use equiv.


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