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Re: debian-6.0.7-amd64 how to set resolution and refresh for free NVIDIA X drivers?

On Wed 10 Apr 2013 at 16:50:54 -0700, David Christensen wrote:

> I have a KVM (IOGEAR GCS78)that doesn't seem to pass through monitor
> information.  :-(
> Normally, I provide monitor information to the X server via
> xorg.conf, using the xorg.conf.new generated by "Xorg -configure" as
> a starting point.  But, as I stated before, the generated
> xorg.conf.new is broken.

First test the display resolution you want to have as described by
Benjamin. If it works you can use my xorg.conf as a basis to write

  Section "Device"
      Identifier   "FX5200"
      Driver       "nouveau"

  Section "Monitor"
      Identifier   "1905FP"
      Modeline     "1280x1024"  115.00  1280 1368 1496 1712  1024 1027 1034 1063 -hsync +vsync
      HorizSync     30-81
      VertRefresh   56-76

  Section "Screen"
      Identifier    "Default Screen"
      Device        "FX5200"
      Monitor       "1905FP"
      DefaultDepth   16
      SubSection "Display"
          Depth      16
          Modes     "1280x1024"

I used 'cvt 1280 1024' to get the Modeline.

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