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Re: connect directly to another computer bypassing firewalls using a third server

alberto fuentes wrote:
> That way all the packages would be forwarded via the server.
> The server is overseas. Im trying to connect to a computer in my city.
> Packages have to travel and comeback. I was hoping some kind of magic that
> would allow me to use the server overseas *just* to establish the
> connection between the two computers :)

First you must tell us what server.  Apache?  OpenSSH?  OpenVPN?
MySQL?  There are zillions of servers.

Please.  Just tell us what you are asking.  I cannot guess.

You first mentioned connecting to a server so I guessed ssh.  That was
apparently not what you were asking about.  Now you mention packages.
I could guess that you want to set up an apt proxy of some sort.  Is
that what you are asking about?  A way to set up an apt proxy?  If you
don't say then I give up.


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