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Re: gnome3 mouse issues?

chris, 28.04.2013:
> I've been running gnome3 on wheezy for about a month now. I've noticed
> that gnome3 will periodically (several times an hour) seem to stop
> responding but doesn't completely freeze. When this happens I can move
> the mouse and keyboard works in already open windows but mouse clicks
> do not register in any application nor can I even click builtin parts
> of the shell like the clock or pull up the activities bar. Somehow
> after alt+tabbing and clicking around it will eventually come back to
> normal but I am unable to find a specific pattern I am doing that
> restores things to normal. I think most likely after some time thing
> happens behind the scenes that brings it back to life.

> Anyone seen anything like this? Any ideas how to troubleshoot further?
> It's a shame because I was actually really liking gnome3 but this is a
> major annoyance that hinders productivity.

When gnome3 first came into the unstable repositories (more than a year 
ago?) I remember having a similar problem, where the mouse would freeze 
and it would take a couple of seconds to start responding again.  
Eventually, I figured out that the system setting to disable the 
touchpad when typing had been activated.  I turned off this option and 
things were back to normal.

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