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automounting /dev/mqueue

I am making some use of posix messages queues, and in order to interactively view/manipulate these queues on my Debian squeeze system it is necessary,
as described in mq_overview(7), in  to manually:
  mkdir /dev/mqueue
  mount -t mqueue none /dev/mqueue
after each boot 

I am looking for the best way to make this automatic, and as /dev/shm is already
being automatically mounted to give access posix semaphores and shared
memory, it seems logical and consistent to mount mqueue the same way...

There appears to be a line
D shm
 /etc/udev/links.conf, to create the mount point which suggests that a
similar entry for mqueue would be appropriate, although the comment at the
top of the file suggests that its use is discouraged. The alternative of
/lib/udev/devices suggested in the comment does not seem appropriate
as what is being created is a directory (mount point), not a device.... 

There also appears to be a line to create the mount point 'shm' if it doesn't
already exist (and then mount it) in /etc/init.d/mountdevsubfs.sh, plus
an unmounting command in /etc/init.d/udev.

Then again, I can't see any reason why the mounting couldn't be handled
a little more intuitively by adding an entry to /etc/fstab...

Does anyone know if there is a reason why shm is mounted by default and
mqueue is not? 

Is there any consensus on the best way to have this filesystem mounted
on boot? 


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