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Re: can someone replicate this cut and paste bug?

Claudius Hubig wrote:
> songbird wrote:

>>   i can verify that in the Times New Roman font i'm
>> using in Libreoffice that when i paste a µ into it
>> that it does work correctly, but when i hit return
>> at the end of the line it translates the initial µ
>> into a capital M.  this happens on the first line
>> on the page only.  after that line the µ's work 
>> correctly.
> Note that the capital mu is rendered the same way as a capital m, so
> I don’t think the two problems are linked. What you are observing
> here is likely simply some form of auto correct capitalising the
> start of the line.

  thanks!  yes, that is a different issue entirely.
i think i found the way to turn that feature off.


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