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Re: can someone replicate this cut and paste bug?

On Tuesday 30 April 2013 10:39:53 Brian wrote:
> mupdf too. By this time I'd be thinking in terms of 'What is wrong with
> the PDF?'. Fonts, glyphs, unicode etc. Not much can be done about it
> without access to the source document.

The discussion is made harder to follow by rendering the original µm (Greek 
letter m followed by Roman letter m) as um.  copy-and-paste is correctly 
interpreting the double mm of the original as a double mm - it is just not 
distinguishing between scripts.  Unfortunately in this case it matters.

I have just tried.  If I copy-and-paste the document into LibreOffice, as set 
up on my computer, it copies a serif font and pastes a sans-serif one.  So 
copying the document in this way does not preserve the original font and µm 
is transposed as mm.

Perhaps the solution is to use <find and replace> mm in the copied document to 
correct this?  It would need to be done manually to prevent a correct double 
mm from being changed to µm.


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