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Re: Fixing a half-configured package

Hello Bob,

Excerpt from Bob Proulx:
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> I will pull back to the safer higher level tool "dpkg-reconfigure"
> which runs the postinst scripts.
>   root@junk:~# dpkg-reconfigure nfs-kernel-server
>   insserv: Service nfs-common has to be enabled to start service nfs-kernel-server
>   insserv: exiting now!
>   update-rc.d: error: insserv rejected the script header
> To fix it means enabling nfs-common to start.  This can be done with
> update-rc.d but the safe answer is to use dpkg-reconfigure and let it
> run the postinst script.  Here is the fix.
>   root@junk:~# dpkg-reconfigure nfs-common
>   Stopping NFS common utilities: idmapd statd.
>   Starting NFS common utilities: statd idmapd.
>   root@junk:~# dpkg-reconfigure nfs-kernel-server
>   Stopping NFS kernel daemon: mountd nfsd.
>   Unexporting directories for NFS kernel daemon....
>   Exporting directories for NFS kernel daemon....
>   Starting NFS kernel daemon: nfsd mountd.
> Bob

Thank you for your analysis of the problem. I did learn new things from that!


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