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Re: dpkg

On Fri, Apr 19, 2013 at 7:10 PM, Pol Hallen <ml@fuckaround.org> wrote:
> On my client debian (stable release) in the sources.list I've also
> debian-backports.
> Now I need show only installed packages from that repository.
What do you mean by *show_only_installed_packages* ?
You may probably mean and want to know which packages are comming into
system from 'backports"?
If yes, probably a quick soultion may be :

1. dpkg -l > list_of_packages_before
2. install pacakges
3. dpkg -l > list_of_packages_after
4. diff list_of_packages_before  list_of_packages_after > list_of_packages_new

"list_of_packages_new" would be packages which are new to system after
your installation step (2).

Caution : These steps assume that you install the packages from the
repo, *do not do these steps*, if you do not want to upgrade / update
your system and only want a list of packages
"before_installation_of_new_packages", which may be a different
solution altogether.

I hope this helps.


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