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Re: administration of initscripts

Hello Roger,

Excerpt from myself:

-- <snip> --
> insserv clearly complains instead that other services are affected by this
> change. Generally to a admin insserv seems to be nicer API over update-rc.d to
> me. Apart from that, by this i found a major bug in rc-update(). Will fix that.

i have question regarding insserv. I found a strange behavior to me and i would
like to know if this on purpose.

# insserv -s | grep mountkernfs.sh

# find /etc/rc[S0-6].d/ -iname "*mountkernfs.sh" -type l -exec unlink {} +
# find /etc/rc[S0-6].d/ -iname "*mountkernfs.sh" -type l

# insserv -s | grep mountkernfs.sh

So 'insserv -s' displays what it thinks should be there instead of just
displaying what actually is there on disk?

-s, --showall
      Output  runlevel and sequence information. Do not update

If the above is on purpose should this text be stated more precisely?


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