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Re: connect directly to another computer bypassing firewalls using a third server

green wrote:
> Lars Nooden wrote:
> > alberto fuentes wrote:
> > > A (me) -> Server (overseas) -> B (arbitrary computer in my city)
> > 
> > To make a direct connection between A and B with ssh, you need to have at 
> > least on of them be publicly available even if the other is blocked behind 
> > a firewall.
> nat-traverse is something new (to me at least) that supposedly allows
> a direct connection to be made between 2 systems which are *both*
> behind NAT/masquerading gateways.  In this case, the third publicly
> accessible server would not be necessary, and traffic would not be
> required to leave the local area.
> http://m19s28.dyndns.org/iblech/nat-traverse/

Since alberto said that both A and B know about Server then NAT
traversal shouldn't be needed.

> > Both computer A and B know about Server.

If both A and B can get to Server then it is very easy to just hop
through Server to get to the other.


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