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Re: administration of initscripts

Le 15/04/2013 14:39, Stefan Monnier a écrit :
I have been using Debian for many years now.  In all of that time  I
have never wanted to "manage" init scripts.  I always wonder.  What
are people trying to do?
What is more complicated than this.  If you want it then install it.
If you don't want it then remove or purge it.  With those two commands
all management is handled automatically.
I don't know need/use multiple run-levels.  But I do wish it were
easier/standard to disable particular services.  Uninstalling the
corresponding package is not always an option (e.g. I'm thinking of the
network-manager package, for example, or a daemon which you prefer to
run "on demand" when a particular user logs in, ...).

Many daemons can be disabled via their /etc/default/foo file, but not
all and not always in the same way (e.g. for one of them I had to
put an "exit 1" in that file since there was no var for it).

And disabling them in /etc/default prevent launching them after boot (see my need on the other tread).

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