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Re: can someone replicate this cut and paste bug?

On Tuesday 30 April 2013 11:42:33 songbird wrote:
> they could be
> made aware some kind of strange effect is going on

It isn't a strange effect.  As Jerry and I said, it is just not preserving the 
font.  No font is conserved.  In this case it happens to matter.

An initial µ is changed to M because a lower case letter is being corrected to 
an upper case letter at the beginning of the sentence.  In both cases the 
letter is emm.  

Try with any other two fonts, say Ariel and Times New Roman.  The same thing 
is likely to happen.  I have just tested this.  I chose a serif letter d from 
kcharselect and tried to post it at the beginning of the sentence in an 
otherwise sans-serif document.  I couldn't.  It was immediately changed to 


Sorry Songbird.  I sent it to you personally in error. :-(

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