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Re: BTRFS Kernel Panic

I was able to copy almost everything from dd images to a new set
of filesystems.  The only thing that was excluded from the transfer
was /var/cache/apt, because something in there was causing the problem.
I performed the transfer by booting to a second system.  Interestingly,
when this problem arose during the transfer, which was being run from this
other system, the problem was not as serious.  The program that triggered
the problem died and a call stack was printed by the kernel, but apparently
everything else continued to work.  I don't know why the problem was less
serious when it occurred on the transfer system, as the filesystem with
a problem was not the / of any system, it was /var (and therefore no more
important to the first system as it was to the system performing the transfer).

In any case, all appears to be well; I can run both aptitude update and
updatedb, and it hasn't crashed since.

Thank you for your help.

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