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Re: Introductory reading on firewall/iptables/etc for new Debian user?

Richard Owlett:
> I will be using email, Usenet, browser and occasionally file
> downloading.
> Nothing on my system should look/act like a server.
> I want all programs to access the internet after explicitly asking
> for permission.
> The response to the request may be:
>    No
>    Always YES
>    Ask each occurrence

This sounds like you want some kind of "personal firewall" like it is
(or was) common on Windows.

What problem do you want to solve? The security gain of this approach is
very small. The nearest solution is to setup iptables to reject incoming
connection attempts. Doing that manually requires basic knowledge about
TCP/IP. There are frontends that may help you. The package 'gufw' is
probably close to that you would expect.

(And yes, your e-mail sounds rather brusque. And since you didn't
actually ask a question, it is hard to give a meaningful answer.)

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