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Re: can someone replicate this cut and paste bug?

Siard wrote:
> songbird wrote:

>>   when cutting and pasting from evince to a terminal the process is
>> translating a "um" into a "mm"  which is a signifcant change for a
>> technical document.
>>   the source document used was downloaded from:
>> "http://www.nature.com/srep/2013/130425/srep01732/pdf/srep01732.pdf";
>>   search for the phrase
>> "particle size between 200–500 um"
>>   and copy and paste it to any text terminal, vi'd document, or even
>> LibreOffice doc.  all do the same thing and translate it from um to
>> mm.
> But this behavior is exactly as expected!
> When copying text from a pdf to any other document, the formatting,
> such as font, line spacing etc. is not preserved.

  well it sure wasn't what i expected.   :)

> So, when copying text to a LibreOffice doc, you should determine and
> set the font yourself, and assign the Symbol font to the m, which
> yields µ. If you don't have the Symbol font installed, you could
> install xfonts-mathml, which provides it.
> AFAIK, a text terminal, vi'd document etc. can contain only one font,
> so manually changing the m to a µ is the only option here.

  in the future i'll have to proof read every copy and
paste operation for funny translations.  i don't know 
about you and how much you reference technical documents
and copy and paste, but the sort of mistranslation is
one that would make me shudder.

  is there a safer copy and paste function that does
preserve fonts?


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