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Re: A home directory on removeable storage ...

On Mi, 10 apr 13, 08:23:03, peasthope@shaw.ca wrote:
> ... is possible.  I understand the concept of mounting 
> the filesystem.  
> Additionally there can be a backup home directory which 
> stays with the machine, on a hdd for example.  I imagine 
> that when the machine powers up without the removeable 
> storage, the backup home directory is instated.  When 
> the removeable storage is connected, the backup is 
> remounted as another directory in /home and the removeable 
> is mounted as the home.  
> So for example, without the removeable present /home/peter 
> is on the hdd.  With the removeable present, /home/peter 
> is on that and the hdd is /home/peter.bak with the same 
> ownership and privilages as /home/peter.  With udev, it 
> might be accomplished with one or two scripts.
> This can't be an original idea.  Is it available?

I've been experimenting with something like this as well. Something that 
you did not address is syncing the contents, which has to go both ways:

1. usually (i.e. running from the removable /home) the removable /home 
needs to be synchronised to the backup, frequent enough that the backup 
is always usable directly

2. when the removable /home is not available the backup is used and then 
any changes have to be synchronised back to the removable storage as 
soon as it becomes available again

I tried to do this by using mdraid between a harddisk partition and an 
SD card. Unfortunately this setup has corrupted some files, possibly due 
to the frequent suspend-resume cycles (it's a laptop).

Unison (because it synchronises both ways) with very short timings might 
do the trick, but at the moment I'm busy restoring from backup and 
revising my backup strategy :(

Kind regards,
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