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Re: debian-6.0.7-amd64 how to set resolution and refresh for free NVIDIA X drivers?

On Thu, Apr 11, 2013 at 9:27 PM, David Christensen
<dpchrist@holgerdanske.com> wrote:
> I tried my hand at writing the simplest xorg.conf I could -- every time the
> screen turned black and I was effectively locked out.  (Apparently,
> Ctrl+Alt+Backspace no longer kills X servers, nor does any of the other
> keystrokes I tried; nor could I switch to another console.

You need

Section "ServerFlags"
        Option          "DontZap"               "false"

in xorg.conf. But if ctrl+alt+Fx did not change the console, it might
not work either.

>I don't have or want sshd, so push the reset button...)

Kind of silly thing to not want if you are testing things that make
your system inaccessible from the console.


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