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Re: Don't do that!

Am Dienstag, 23. April 2013 schrieb Brad Alexander:
> That is interesting. I have a similar setup on my workstation:
> /dev/sda2                 ext4        964532     59380    856156   7% /boot
> With the rest of the filesystems in an encrypted LVM container. I built
> (rebuilt) this machine a couple of years ago, and have never had an
> issue...To include power failures where the machine did not power down
> gracefully.
> Could it have been a problem with your SSD, e.g. a bad spot, or could the
> initramfs have been corrupted on write?

initramfs was corrupted because of the filesystem.
> Do you have other kernels installed? (I usually keep, at a minimum, the
> current one and the last one.)

Yeah, my fault. I had had two kernels, but some weeks ago I deleted one. 
However with ext4 everything went fine - until today....

Happy hacking


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