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Booting Wheezy Install on Software Raid 6

Hi Folks,

	I'm in the process of assembling a storage system, and  am running into
an issue while testing the setup in a VM.

	The setup has 6 three terabyte harddrives that I'd like to put in RAID
6 (Eventually more will be added, expanding the array).  I'd like
everything to be on there, with every HD capable of booting the system.
Ultimately the RAID 6 array will host an LVM partition that will be used
for the whole system (unless /boot is put a separate array).

	I've made several attempts with the current Wheezy (testing) installer,
but all have failed at installing a bootloader.  I've tried using the
whole disk as a RAID partition, setting up the disks with two partitions
(one small one as part of a RAID 1 array for boot, the rest of the drive
for the raid 6 array), and the same but with a gap at the front of the
drive (I've read that Grub sometimes needs this?).

	Any suggestions or pointers?  Most of what I've found seems to assume
you have a separate boot drive.

- PaulNM


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