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Re: HELP: debian installer preseed network configuration.

Sam Su wrote:
> Yes, I am using Ubuntu, I asked a similar question at ubuntu community but
> nobody response, it looks like few of active Ubuntu users are interesting
> for this topic. I also noticed that most of great posts about how to
> preseed an ubuntu system are based on Debian preseed mechanism,  so I
> thought this question maybe has already solved at debian community, that is
> why I come here.

Well...  The least you could do is to lie to us and tell us you are
using Debian.  :-)  (And if you wanted to do more then you could try
Debian and see if it worked there.  If not then working through the
problem on the Debian side could be done in Debian.  If I were trying
to use Ubuntu resources I would install Ubuntu and recreate the
problem there first.)

> No mater what system, I am wondering has somebody successfully assigned a
> static IP address with preseed "d-i netcfg" ?
> Much appreciated if someone can give me a hint.

I don't have a test network setup where I can test a fully static IP
assignment since I have a dhcp server available the debian-installer
will use it since it is there.  Which makes it hard for me to try it.

A brief web search of this problem for Ubuntu quickly found me this
article.  It seems to cover exactly what you are asking about and on
Ubuntu too.



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