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Re: debian-6.0.7-amd64 how to set resolution and refresh for free NVIDIA X drivers?

Le Mar 9 avril 2013 18:59, David Christensen a écrit :
> I have used the proprietary NVIDIA driver in the past, but would like to
> use the free Debian drivers instead.

Free NVidia drivers by Debian does *not* exists. There is only a package
which installs NVidia's drivers.

The easier and simpler, if you do not need good 3D acceleration is to
install "nouveau" instead of NVidia, which is a driver made from reverse
In last kernels (around 3.8), it seems that there is also support for
better 3D acceleration, however I did not tried it since Debian at the
moment only have that kernel in experimental (and when I tried it, few
things broke. Did not investigate though).

Nouveau have the very good feature of not needing any Xorg.conf file: you
install it, you boot with it, it detects everything alone.

In short:
_ nouveau: free software, perfect integration in the system, average and
unfinished support (in linux 3.2 kernel) of 3D harware acceleration,
support all cards: both new and old(nouveau-vieu is what you would want).
_ NVidia: proprietary software, bad integration in the system, support for
advanced 3D features, no support for old cards.

> 2.  How do I determine the current color depth (e.g. 8/16/24 bits per
> pixel)?

xrandr --output <port you used: VGA, HMDI, etc> --list

> 3.  How do I change the display settings -- resolution, refresh, color
> depth?

xrandr --output <port you used> --mode <your parameters>

Play with xrandr in a terminal emulator, and when you have what you want,
add the command to your DE's startup list (depends on your DEs)

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