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Re: administration of initscripts

Hello Roger

Excerpt from Roger Leigh:

>>> update-rc.d foo disable|enable

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>> It might be a nuisance but running the stop part of the initscript isn't the
>> same as not touching it all?
> Sorry, I don't quite understand the question here.  update-rc.d
> never starts or stops anything--all it does is adjust the rc.d
> links.

Yes, the man page says it swaps the S for a K.
e.g. say we have the following link:

Then afaik - and please correct if i am wrong - init will call the stop part of
this initscript when ever runlevel 2 is entered. So basically during each boot
process. Why should we spent resources on that?
Therefor rc-update() places those links instead only in runlevel 1 where they
might even be useful without wasting time on them during bootup, nor shutdown.


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