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Re: administration of initscripts

On Mon, Apr 15, 2013 at 11:02:19AM +0100, Kevin Chadwick wrote:
> > > I have been using Debian for many years now.  In all of that time  I
> > > have never wanted to "manage" init scripts.  I always wonder.  What
> > > are people trying to do?  
> > 
> > Hi Bob,
> > 
> > For an example of where one will want to "manage" the init scripts,  
> > take a look at the thread in debian-user with subject "Serveur with  
> > encrypted partition : 2 steps boot." started by erwan@rail.eu.org .
> If you are not using a printer, it is also security 101 to disable it's
> listening service.
> I quite like OpenRC but am currently looking into file-rc, which I would
> prefer if direct changes to it were kept but I will have to find the
> time to work out how to do that without using commands like update-rc.d
> which are not my preference.
> I guess I simply prefer the OpenBSD method of an include file that
> would override runlevel.conf and may have to look into adding that to
> file-rc or a fork at some point.

file-rc "works", but only just.  I would not be surprised if it was
removed for the next stable release--it's simply incompatible with
dependency-based booting.  I hacked insserv support into it for
wheezy so it would continue to work with LSB init scripts, but it's
not particularly sensible to edit by hand--you basically have to
use update-rc.d to preserve sane script ordering.  Static ordering is
no longer supported.  When you are using dynamic ordering, file-rc
is just the same as sysv-rc except you have no parallelisation of
boot scripts, and no rc?.d symlinks.  But the file-rc system is far
less flexible when static ordering is no longer used.

Note that there is ongoing work to get OpenRC integrated; it's at
the point where it's possible to boot a Debian system with OpenRC.
I'm sure that help would be appreciated.


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