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How to get Debian live running from flash with persistence


hope this is the right forum for my question.

I wanted to use Debian live
(http://live-build.debian.net/cgi-bin/live-build) on a 468 Laptop
installed on a flash drive with full persistence.

I followed the recipe given here:


I.e., I copied the an iso with dd to the drive device and made the
rest of space an ext2 partition named "live-rw".

First, I tried the stable iso from here:


I had persistence, but dbus wasn't started.  I had to start X manually
with startx.  I could not start wicd because of missing dbus, so I had
no connection to the web.  Bad.

Next, I downloaded testing live from


It worked well, but I got no persistence, although I started with the
persistence boot parameter.  Maybe because it wasn't a "usb-hdd"
image???  (was not available).

Next, I tried "hdd" of wheezy built from here:


but again I didn't get persistence.

Please help - how can I get a working system with full persistence?  The
help pages I found said that it should have worked, and experimenting is
very long-winded.



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