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Re: Debian Wheezy - Kernel 3.2.X - Broadcom 57766 driver support

On 13-04-2013 09:41, didier gaumet wrote:
Le 12/04/2013 18:24, terr1-lists@linuxgeek.dk a écrit :

I'm running debian wheezy with custom 3.7.1 kernel to support my
Broadcom 57766 netcard.

However since this is a server (Mac Mini Server) I would rather use a
longterm kernel like 3.2.43,
also since grsecurity is supported as stable.

Do anyone have a patch or something similar to enable boardcom 57766 on

I cannot reuse my 3.7.1 stuff since alot more have changed. It's beyond
my skill level to re-engineer this to work :/
Is this hardware not supported by the tg3 mainline linux module?
(provided you have also installed the firmware-linux-nonfree package)

No, I just re-tested to sure, no-go.. (I have firmware-linux-nonfree installed).
I even had to patch 3.7.1 to get it working.. only 1 line thou :)

I read somewhere that its on Ben Hutchings (debian-kernel maintainer) TODO list for 3.2, no idea of status..

Just thought maybe I was lucky and some user had created a patch for tg3.h/tg3.c to back port the support.. But it isent easy since much code has changed.. :/

Would just prefer to have debian auto-updated kernel on a server, compared to manual patching to keeping up-to-date.. Also if you need the grsecurity patch, you have to use their testing release instead of stable if using the newer kernels. I'm not sure this is production material (its my own private server nothing enterprise of cause).

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