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Re: Fixing a half-configured package

sirquijote@lavabit.com wrote:
> Setting up nfs-kernel-server (1:1.2.2-4squeeze2) ...
> insserv: warning: script 'K01usercommands' missing LSB tags and overrides

That error message tells the problem.  It says that the
K01usercommands script is missing the LSB tags.  It will do nothing
more until that problem is fixed.

This has nothing to do with nfs.  This has only to do with the bad
"usercommands" script.

That file K01usercommands is not part of the standard packaging.  It
must be something that you have manually added to the system.  The S
and K scripts would normally be symlinks to the source in a
/etc/init.d/usercommands file.  But you can tell for sure by using

  find /etc/rc?.d -name '*usercommands'

The simplest thing is to remove all reference to that file from
everywere.  Then because it is no longer causing trouble you should be
able to reconfigure the nfs-kernel-server package and insserv will fix
up everything for all of the parallel booting scripts.

If you must have usercommands as a boot time script then it must have
LSB headers.  See the /etc/init.d/skeleton file for examples.  See the
man page for 'man insserv' for more information.


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