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Re: Fixing a half-configured package

> sirquijote@lavabit.com wrote:
>> Setting up nfs-kernel-server (1:1.2.2-4squeeze2) ...
>> insserv: warning: script 'K01usercommands' missing LSB tags and
>> overrides
> That error message tells the problem.  It says that the
> K01usercommands script is missing the LSB tags.  It will do nothing
> more until that problem is fixed.
> This has nothing to do with nfs.  This has only to do with the bad
> "usercommands" script.
> That file K01usercommands is not part of the standard packaging.  It
> must be something that you have manually added to the system.  The S
> and K scripts would normally be symlinks to the source in a
> /etc/init.d/usercommands file.  But you can tell for sure by using
> find.
>   find /etc/rc?.d -name '*usercommands'
> The simplest thing is to remove all reference to that file from
> everywere.  Then because it is no longer causing trouble you should be
> able to reconfigure the nfs-kernel-server package and insserv will fix
> up everything for all of the parallel booting scripts.
> If you must have usercommands as a boot time script then it must have
> LSB headers.  See the /etc/init.d/skeleton file for examples.  See the
> man page for 'man insserv' for more information.
> Bob

The usercommands script is just a simple one-liner that I inserted to turn
off my laptop's screen on boot, just before login:


#! /bin/sh
# /etc/init.d/usercommands

# Turn off the display on boot
vbetool dpms off

exit 0

That's all it does.  Is there some way I can re-implement that command to
avoid having to learn how to use LSB tags?  That skeleton file is just
gobbledy-gook to me, and I'm already troubleshooting Netatalk 3 it is.

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