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Re: Highlighting CLI output: what are these terms called?

2013/4/17 Dotan Cohen <dotancohen@gmail.com>:
> The following page has a nice example of how to highlight text in logfiles:
> http://www.euperia.com/linux/how-to-highlight-keywords-when-using-tail/903
> Here is the example:
> tail -f file.log | perl -pe 's/keyword/\e[1;31;43m$&\e[0m/g'
> What are the regex replacements in the second part of the replace
> called? They are rather hard to goolge for without a name! If anybody
> has a good resource bookmarked with examples, I would love to see that
> as well.


    these are ANSI escape codes, ANSI escape sequences,
  ANSI control codes, ANSI control sequences, ...

          Hope this helps,


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