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Re: dbus - Was: A thread that shouldn't be mentioned anymore

On Tue, 2013-04-09 at 11:47 -0700, Kelly Clowers wrote:
> D-Bus is good overall... There could definitely be improvements in
> remote connections though. I think there are workarounds... [snip]

DBus isn't an issue for applications you'll use with a desktop
environment, when those apps should communicate with each other, but it
could become an issue, if apps should run on other setups (too) and it's
an issue if simple commands that worked before, then won't work anymore,
the user has to read tons of explanations and to do complicated things.
Clueless users run into issues with jackd(mp), since they were not aware
that they can use jackd without DBus, resp. they perhaps were not aware
that it does run with DBus on their machines.

"Last year everything was ok, I updated Jack and this or that doesn't
work anymore." - Imaginary User

There are examples for other software, than DBus, where dependencies
made production environments unusable, e.g. when the hard dependency to
pulseaudio was added and disabling or coexisting didn't work. For other
stuff package maintainers have to do a hard job, somebody seemingly does
extract udev from systemd for Debian. I'm on a distro that follows
upstream and there were many issues when they switched to systemd.

IMO unneeded hard dependencies are an issue for several applications.


Often new policies tend to break PC environments and are only an
advantage for mobiles and tablet PCs.

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