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Re: Introductory reading on firewall/iptables/etc for new Debian user?

On Tuesday 23 April 2013 15:43:23 Dan Ritter wrote:
> On Tue, Apr 23, 2013 at 09:28:17AM -0500, Richard Owlett wrote:
> > I will be using email, Usenet, browser and occasionally file
> > downloading.
> > Nothing on my system should look/act like a server.
> > I want all programs to access the internet after explicitly asking
> > for permission.
> > The response to the request may be:
> >    No
> >    Always YES
> >    Ask each occurrence
> Programs don't generally ask for permissions; they assume that
> they are connected, and report failures when they can't make
> connections.

I have come across several Windows firewalls which ask exactly that.  I 
imagine that that is what Richard is thinking of.  Personally, I have never 
come across that in Linux.

> By the way, you have an unusually brusque way of stating
> conditions rather than asking questions, which comes across as
> slightly rude.

Also, I had to do a double take to work out which bit was a question, rather 
than a statement.  I think that he is asking us to recommend some reading 


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