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[Debian installer] Problem with umounting hd-media

Hello debian users,

We are installing some Debian wheezy on tests servers and we are assuming some issues :
One of them are really annoying : 
- We install the system with USB flash drive.
- After booting on it, the USB stick is mounted on /hd-media/
- The .iso image situated in hd-media is loop mounted on /cd-rom/
- After that, the installer umount /hd-media/ and /cd-rom/ is still mounted

1. we need data on USB key to use trunk module
2. we need data on USB key to launch post-install script

It is impossible to remount USB stick on /hd-media/ because it is busy (iso on cd-rom).

We don't know if it is a bug or a normal behavior...
But we need to keep data on USB Stick accessible on the server during all the install process.

Please, we need advice on this case.
Have a good day & enjoy Linux ;-)

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