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Re: Install debian from scratch and keep a home partition

Dan wrote:
> - Backup home and the files from /etc passwd, group, shadow and gshadow
> ...
> - merge the old passwd, group, shadow and gshadow with the new files
> found in /etc

You so far have three votes against doing this but I will vote *for*
doing it.  I think this is okay.  It all depends upon what you have
already and what you are trying to save.  Backup all of /etc.

I would make a good backup of /etc, /var/backups, and anything in
/var in particular but /var whole if possible.  MySQL stores files
there for example and you didn't say what you had installed.

But I have no idea what you meant by merging.  I would only restore
users that have files on the /home you are keeping.  Any user above or
equal to uid number 1000.  That certainly makes sense.  Let the
packages install their own system users for themselves is easiest.


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