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Re: administration of initscripts

Hello Yaro,

Excerpt from Yaro Kasear:

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> Systemd has "assimilated" udev, 

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> Related to the above two downsides, systemd is not really a crowning 
> example of a developer following the UNIX Philosophy of "one simple task 
> and do it well."

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> Administrators might not like systemd's native logger, which outputs 
> solely in a binary form, requiring users to use "journalctl" to read 
> system logs.And you have to run it as root or be part of a special user 
> group to see the ENTIRETY of the journal. This means you might not be 
> able to simply run a LiveCD to read logs to see what went wrong with a 
> system.

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> Some people do *not* like Lennart Poettering, the lead developer, who 
> also gave us "gems" like PulseAudio, which I still cannot stand to this day.

+ dropping human readable textfiles in favour of c binary code, which makes it
needless more complex to debug the whole show.

really systemd is my personal no go.

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