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Re: How to get Debian live running from flash with persistence

Hi Christer,

> First of all, I have another architecture (amd64) and I never got
> persistence to work with stable (Squeeze).
> But it works really well with testing (Wheezy) using the regular
> iso-hybrid .iso image.
> There is a link to a very helpful instruction in my previous mail.
> Note that using Wheezy, the partition used for persistent storage has
> to be labeled ´persistence´ if You use the standard boot parameter
> ´persistence´ (other options are mentioned in the manual).

Thanks for the hints, it now works!  I labeled the partition
`persistence', but to get it work, I also had to put a persistence.conf
file on it.

About internet: I think I faced a different problem - not a missing
firmware was the culprit, but the not running dbus.  I also had no LAN,
and without getting wicd started, no chance to establish a connection
from the workspace.  Anyway, on the testing system I use now everything
worked out of the box.

Many thanks,


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