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Re: can someone replicate this cut and paste bug?

songbird wrote:
>   in the future i'll have to proof read every copy and paste
> operation for funny translations.  i don't know about you and how
> much you reference technical documents and copy and paste, but the
> sort of mistranslation is one that would make me shudder.
>   is there a safer copy and paste function that does preserve fonts?

My job is doing desktop publishing, ATM we work with Adobe InDesign at
the workplace.  Copying from many documents such as .odt and .doc
preserves formatting, but it is a known fact that copying from pdf's
does not.
If you have a look at this document's fonts in Adobe Reader (Ctrl-D >
tab Fonts), then you see that very special fonts are used, such as
AdvOT1415ea69.B and AdvOT144a03c1, which are not available for your own
documents anyway.

But pdf's are simply not the right medium to copy text from. You could
import a pdf in Scribus and do some cropping, but that's all.
This pdf is produced with a program named Arbortext Advanced Print
Publisher, which is unknown to me.  It is saved as .ps and translated
into a pdf using Distiller.  It may be the same as MS Publisher, where
saving to .ps is the only way for a .pub document to be usable in the
outside world.  You could ask the producer to save the document
as .rtf, but in fact, what really should be done in such a case, is to
inform your client that this task is simply not feasable, or at least
laborious and time-consuming.

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