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Re: How do I list installed packages?

On Tue, Apr 23, 2013 at 11:12:44PM +0200, Mark Weyer wrote:
> The title is imprecise. Actually, the question is: How do I list
> installed packages except those automatically installed to satisfy
> dependencies. In aptitude that would be packages marked as "i  " but
> not as "i A". And if there is no command to list this, where in /etc
> (or whereever) is the information hidden?
> Please CC me, I am not subscribed.
> Thanks in advance,

Not sure, but one way would be looking under


1. cd /var/lib/dpkg/info
2. ls -l a*
3. check the listing, if there are packages you don't think you need
then try "dpkg --purge packagename" if it purges, then no other package
depends on it. Otherwise you'll get a message saying something along the
lines of "package xyz depends on package abc -- not purging"

4. You may want to do "apt-cache show packagename" first, just to make
sure you are not going to purge a package you think you may need.

5. carry on, e.g. ls -l b* 

6. Don't bother with ls -l l* (there are heaps of library packages.)
which most certainly are depended on by other packages.
ls -l la* etc ls -le* etc is one way around this.

7. There is sure to be a better way, but ...

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