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Re: debian-6.0.7-amd64 how to set resolution and refresh for free NVIDIA X drivers?

Ralf Mardorf wrote:
> What's the package name for Debian that does include GET?

  $ apt-file search /usr/bin/GET
  libwww-perl: /usr/bin/GET

> ... cat does show it correctly formatted, but this already does work
> using wget.

Huh?  Works fine for me.

> [rocketmouse@archlinux ~]$ wget http://holgerdanske.com/users/dpchrist/bug-reports/debian/squeeze/amd64/X/a64x23800p-20130409-140018-xorg.conf.new
> --2013-04-11 04:34:09--  http://holgerdanske.com/users/dpchrist/bug-reports/debian/squeeze/amd64/X/a64x23800p-20130409-140018-xorg.conf.new
> [snip]
> [rocketmouse@archlinux ~]$ cat a64x23800p-20130409-140018-xorg.conf.new

Yep.  Works fine here.


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