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Re: HELP: debian installer preseed network configuration.

Thank you so much for your suggestion, Bob.

Yes, I am using Ubuntu, I asked a similar question at ubuntu community but nobody response, it looks like few of active Ubuntu users are interesting for this topic. I also noticed that most of great posts about how to preseed an ubuntu system are based on Debian preseed mechanism,  so I thought this question maybe has already solved at debian community, that is why I come here.  

No mater what system, I am wondering has somebody successfully assigned a static IP address with preseed "d-i netcfg" ? 
Much appreciated if someone can give me a hint.


On Thu, Apr 4, 2013 at 9:31 PM, Bob Proulx <bob@proulx.com> wrote:
san su wrote:
> I am trying to install Ubuntu 12.04 to a bare metal machine (client) by
> a Cobbler server.

Oops!  You sent this to debian-user instead of ubuntu-user!  But you
are installing Ubuntu.

Since you are trying to install Ubuntu I would send this to the
ubuntu-users@lists.ubuntu.com mailing list.

> After the client machine was powered on, it can communicate with the Cobber
> server and enter into Ubuntu installation, however the process will get
> stuck at network configuration.
> Here is the client error info:
> http://www.use.com/8bc67ee30430d8fbaa4b
> Can someone please advise?
> If need more info, please let me know.

I think you are better off using dhcp in the installer.  It is much

Try installing Debian Wheezy.  It is very near release.  Download the
Debian 'netinst' image from this page and give it a go!


Good luck!

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