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A couple KDE questions

Hi All!

I am trying out KDE for the first time and so far, it looks pretty good.  One thing that I am really hoping it has is something like sawfish's functionality where you can map a series of key sequences to "run program X".  For example, I typically have "Windows-button + m" mapped to run /usr/bin/mozilla.  Is there a way to do this in KDE without too much trouble?

Oh, and another thing I just noticed -- when you do an ALT-TAB through the open windows, it cycles through the list of open items.  I'm used to it where the cursor cycles into the newly cycled window (as I usually am looking at the window where I want to be rather than at the name of each of the windows in the listing).  Is there a way to configure KDE to behave in such a fashion?

Thank you!!!

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