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Re: cdrom - driver not present, but it's ok for now

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On Fri, Apr 18, 2003 at 10:42:05PM -0600, Linux wrote:
> ok, you might get this mail twice, because I am stupid.  anyhow, I
> said....
> Uuugghhh -- Things are still not working, but I am going to have to
> install Debian all over as I have done trashed this install.  No
> worries tho, this will only be my 3rd install.  I expect to do a
> couple more before I manage to get it all right and learn what's what.

Heh, that was the way for me.  Once you've got it down pat, though, you
won't need to reinstall until you buy a new computer :)

> However, I have been doing to Google based research on my problem.
> I found an artical at www.symonds.net/~deep/stuff/linux/tuxchase.php
> in which the author installed Debian and found that he had to
> recompile his kernal to get ide-scsi to work.
> Since I am using the bf2.4 flavour (as I need the ReiserFS support)
> when I am setting up my kernal do I need to find and add SCSI
> emulation and SCSI device support as the author did in his case?
> Could that be my problem?  

Possibly, but you don't need to recompile your kernel.  You just need to
install one of the many in the Debian archive.  The
'kernel-image-2.4.18-<cputype>' package is the one you want
(subsituting <cputype>, obviously).  Just follow the instructions
CAREFULLY, and reboot, and you should be fine.

> I ask because when I tried mount -t iso9660 -o ro /dev/scd0 /cdrom
> that still didn't work.

That should work, as long as you have ide-scsi working.  'dmesg' will
print out what the kernel thinks of your hardware (amongst other
things), and ide-scsi detection should be quite prominent.

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