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auto rmmod lp


Due to my lovely Joypads on /dev/lp0 (SuperNES-Console-Joysticks) I ran into
some troubles. I use a 2.4.20 kernel which works really great, there I have
support for kmod (The Kernel module loader). I read the
/usr/src/linux/Documentation/kmod.txt to understand the loader a bit
better, but now I know that it is too complex for myself ;)

So here I am:
Just knowing that it would be great if kmod would remove the lp module and
would do: 

/sbin/modprobe joydev
/sbin/modprobe gamecon gc=0,1,1

if a allowed user is trying to use /dev/js0 or /dev/js1 . Sure: It would be
the best if kmod would be able to /etc/init.d/cupsys stop and do the job
back if some allowed user if trying to print something.

How to do this with kmod?

At this time only the printer or the joysticks can be mounted to the
external (real) /dev/lp0 port, but I think I am able to change this.


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