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Re: Connecting remotely to my home computer

"Roberto Sanchez" <sanchezr@hotmail.com> writes:

> 3.  How do I keep my DHCP IP (my ISP does not offer static IP for
> residential customers) fairly constant, over say a period of a day or
> two?

This isn't something you really have control over; if your ISP
renumbers you, you get renumbered.  In my experience (Boston-area
cable modem providers), renumbering happens fairly rarely, perhaps
once every several months.  You don't need to do anything in
particular other than keep the machine up; your DHCP client will
automatically try to renew the lease, which will frequently result in
your keeping the same IP address.

> If so, how do I setup a cron job (I've never actually had to do that
> before)?

Read crontab(1), or edit /etc/crontab as root after reading crontab(5).

> 4.  How insecure is it really to enable X forwarding over SSH?  I have
> heard that it is not advisable becuase of security, but how bad is
> it?

Giving access to your X session to untrusted machines is poor, and I
suspect this is why the Debian ssh packages disable X forwarding by
default.  But X forwarding over ssh really is the recommended way to
get remote X access; it's far, far better than an unencrypted
connection, and generally easier to set up.

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