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Re: compiling a kernel

In linux.debian.user, you wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> As I want scsi emulation, and I'm missing the sr_mod
> module, I think I'll have to compile a new kernel.
> What do I need to do for this, exactly? I'll have to
> get the source, ofcourse, but next to that ?
> I know allready before the compiling many hardware
> issues are going to asked. 
> I tried compiling the kernel once before, but I gave
> up then as I had the feeling I new much too little to
> answer everything correctly
> As I don't know that much on the hardware details, how
> can I get a more or less complete list of hardware
> features ?
> For example, I do know 'uname -a' will get me some
> info on the debian kernel version (currently that's
> 2.2.20)
> Could you please tell me some more commands like this
> one which will give more info about other issues, like
> mouse, keyboard, etc - the more the better I imagine,
> as the prog will ask loads of things
> Thanks for any help,
> Joris Huizer

I get the source and then use the README that is contained in it.  It has
excellent instructions.  Tips: Configure.help in the Documentation directory
answers lots of questions about what various things are for.  Be sure to
look in /boot for the config file for the current kernel.  If you put that
in your /usr/src/linux directory with the name '.config', you will have the
things you already have.  If you don't do that, you will have to carefully
make sure that you select all that you need.  Little things like PPP are not
default. Copy the config file *after* 'make mrproper' Be sure you always
keep a copy of your current config file for the next time you do this
procedure.  An accidental wipe out of it when you run 'make mrproper' is a
real pain.


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