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cd sound but no other sound

Hey, all:

I've been tinkering with my ALSA sound card lately, and after fixing with
the settings for the sound card, I've got sound coming out of my speakers
when I put a cd in. However, no other type of sound seems to be available.
MP3's don't play, though the appropriate libraries are installed, and
bells and whatnot from KDE don't make any noise.

I've turned up all of the bars in alsamixer. I've set KDE's soundsystem to
ALSA. When starting xmms or gnomp3, neither program complains about bad
output. In Xmms, i can see the bars going up and down, but no noise is
coming out. What have I missed?

Thanks to anyone who can help--

Jesse S. Bangs jaspax@u.washington.edu

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