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Re: Bad mouse problem in unstable

Quoting  "Miguel Griffa" :
> -- was mgriffa@technisys.com.ar on Apr 01, 2003 at 11:18:52 --

> Hi, all I have a simple, weird problem:
> On a yet unidentified (by me) cause, the mouse cursor will be about 2 
> centimeters to the rigth where the actual click will be done.
> I have keeping mu system up to date in the hope that this was some sort 
> of software bug, but I belive now that it's more a 
> configuration/enviroment problem, any help, workarrond or similar 
> experience please reply to my personal address as I'm not on the list 
> now, thanks in advance.

Don't know if this will work, but try the 
  Option "SWcursor"  "true"
in your XF86Config file.
This was suggested to me by Paul from this list and work just
fine for me.

By the way, what is your video card?


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