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Re: apt/dpkg package files (status, available)

On Wed, 23 Apr 2003 00:16:11 +0100 Colin Watson wrote:
> ...
> I didn't realize you were interested in strange multi-release stuff. I
> don't trust pinning and avoid it like the plague. :)

I just don't have the necessary skills and confidence to go all the way,
yet :) Major breakage in unstable might leave my system completely
useless, without even the possibility of accessing the Internet and this
list for help. Library problems scare the s**t out of me.

So I stick to testing, and I try to overcome its lack of both the newest
software and security support by leeching a few packages
from unstable (or a few hundred, as required for kde 3.1). I prefer this
to the backporting solution because this way I stay entirely within the
boundaries of the package management system, which hasn't yet ceased to
amaze me.

Are you referring to bugs in the apt pinning mechanism I should be aware
of? I have cautious pinning settings which have till now prevented apt
from going farther than testing unless explicitly requested to.

Thanks for your support, Colin.

Carlos Sousa

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