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Connecting remotely to my home computer

This has probably been asled before, but have taken interest in being able to connect to my machine from a remote location.

I have a few issues, though.

1. My IP address is assigned to the DSL bridge and my firewall/router box (and other machines on my home LAN) NAT out. Basically, my router box uses ipmasq to allow my other machines out, then the DSL bridge NATs my router box out onto the internet.

2. Given the NAT situation, how do gain access to my router box (or any other specific machine) behind the NAT?

3. How do I keep my DHCP IP (my ISP does not offer static IP for residential customers) fairly constant, over say a period of a day or two? Do I need to setup a cron job to send traiffic out (like a ping) every few minutes to keep the connection active? If so, how do I setup a cron job (I've never actually had to do that before)?

4. How insecure is it really to enable X forwarding over SSH? I have heard that it is not advisable becuase of security, but how bad is it?

5. Am I overlooking somehthing? Can anyone offer any suggestions on how to accomplish this smoothly and painlessly?

Any ideas/advice would be welcome.


-Roberto Sanchez


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